Goal and Purposes

Connecting SCI clinicians from coast to coast

The Canadian Praxis Institute Spinal Cord Injury Clinician Directory (further referred to as the ‘directory’) is intended to help you communicate with your colleagues who are working in spinal cord injury (SCI) across Canada.  The ultimate goal is to move best practices in treatment and management of SCI forward.  We hope that members will use this directory to expand on their present skills, knowledge and expertise in the areas of SCI treatment and management.  Sharing resources and knowledge, developing collaborative solutions to clinical challenges, and reducing duplication of work are all important to allow clinicians to deliver the best care possible.

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Terms of Use

The directory is open to all SCI clinicians across Canada. 

The following information is provided on each member in the directory: first and last name, email address, facility, type of facility, and discipline.  Members may also choose to identify an area(s) of interest/expertise (eg. pressure ulcers, seating, etc.), but this is optional. 

Members must keep their login details private.  Members must keep the information in the directory confidential amongst the members and not publish or distribute the directory.  Members must only use the directory for the purposes related to the goal and purposes of the directory.  Members must dispose of any copies of the directory in a secure manner (i.e., destroy electronic copies they may have saved properly and shred hard copies).  Concerns or complaints re. breaches of privacy and SPAM can be reported to .

The Clinical Liaison Team at the Praxis Institute (PI) is responsible for managing the directory.  New members may join the directory at any time.  Existing members can request removal from the directory at any time.  Unsubscribe requests should be directed to the Clinical Liaison Team via email at  .  To ensure the directory is kept accurate, complete and up-to-date, an email will be sent to members annually asking whether updates to their information are to be made. 

The online directory is only to be accessed by members with a username and password. If information from the directory is requested by an individual or an organization external to PI for a purpose that aligns with PI’s mission, the Clinical Liaison Team will send members an email providing them with information on the request and instructions on how to contact the individual or organization directly if interested.  For example, if a researcher is interested in contacting clinicians in the directory for SCI research purposes, the researcher will not get access to the directory, but the Praxis Institute Clinical Liaison Team may forward the researcher’s request to the members.  Members can then contact the researcher directly if they are interested.